XNA Wants To Be A "Youtube For Games"

xnalogo.jpgChris Satchell is heading up Microsoft's XNA plans, and he has big ideas for the service. He's not content with people just being able to design and build games using XNA. No, he and everyone else at Microsoft also want a top-shelf online service which can host, display and share people's creations.

We use a music analogy - you know, it's like we've given the instruments so they can go and play music now, but what's the radio station where they can reach everyone? It's cool that they can invite people around and play in front of them, which is sort of the Creators Club, but hey, they want to play to the world.

To this end they're working on a Youtube-esque service, which they're unwilling to show off just now but are claiming is the "next really big step" towards making games development more accessible for regular Joe Schmos. Still sounds awfully complicated to me, though. XNAbling everyone: Part 1 [Develop]


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