Yahoo! Riding Halo 3 Hype Train All Week

halo_3_yahoo_clips.jpgFinding yourself with a thousand tabs open in your browser of choice, wearing away at the F5 imprinted upon your key, looking for any scrap of Halo 3 you can get your rods and cones on? Well, open Yahoo! Games in yet another tab, punchy, because they've secured two exclusive clips for the Bungie shooter that's sure to shift 360s. During the promised Microsoft media blitz, an original Halo live action short titled "Museum" and the full-length television spot known as "Believe" will both debut exclusively at Yahoo! (emphasis theirs). Full details on the schedule, as well as some nice looking preview pics are linked below.

Yahoo! Games to premiere Halo 3 videos [Yahoo! Games, thanks Mike!]


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