Yakuza 2 Coming To The U.S.

yakuza2.jpgWith the announcement of Yakuza 3 last week, gamers across the U.S. had one question on their minds: "Where's Yakuza 2 for the PS2?" Well Sega's got your Yakuza 2 coming, announcing it and two new DS titles slated for stateside release in 2008. The second game, released in Japan last December, picks up where the first left off, continuing the story of Kazuma as he fights to prevent a war between two rival clans. In addition to Yakuza 2, Sega also announced Dinosaur King and Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer for the Nintendo DS. Dinosaur King somehow involves digging for fossils plus special moves, which sounds... nice? Meanwhile Shiren is a remake on an SNES game using the Mystery Dungeon engine you either love or hate with every fiber of your being, with me firmly in the latter camp. Still, Yakuza 2!

Sega Bringing Yakuza 2, Shiren To North America [Gamastura]


    I enjoyed playing Yazuka from start to finsh because I liked the storyline and characters and wanted to see how it played out at the end.
    I hope that fans in Australia will have a chance to buy both yazuka 2 and 3 in Australia and not miss out.

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