Yes, I Actually Like My In-Laws

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Flu

Bummer about the colds over there in casa Crecente. Hope you guys feel better soon!

Right now, I am at the in-laws place. We went to dinner at some fancy hotel. I really like my in-laws. Like really, really like them. My father-in-law is a photographer and has an office full of the latest Macs — I type this in that office! I think because he doesn't have a "normal" job that my why was able to accept me not having a normal job (sitting on my arse all day, writing about video games).

What's more, her mother, who is fifty, is still really attractive. And not in a fifty year old woman still trying to be attractive sort of way. She's aged well. That was one piece of advice from my dad: Look at their mothers. The future looks bright for Mrs. Bashcraft!

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