Yes, Level 5 Is So The New Square Enix

DSCF9308.JPG Doors opened for the second TGS press day at 10 am sharp. Immediately, a huge mob descended on the Level 5 booth, and the wait clocked in at 90 minutes by a few minutes after 10am. (Level 5 is of course the developer behind Professor Layton, Dragon Quest IX and Jeanne D'Arc.) Remember: this is a press day. So if journalists and industry types are willing to wait an hour and a half to get a free demo DS cart of upcoming Level 5 titles Inazuma Eleven and Professor Layton and the Devil's Box, just imagine how brutal the public days will be. Hell! Hit the jump for the mass of people. DSCF9310.JPG And what about fellow Japanese RPG maker Square Enix's booth? DSCF9315.JPG


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