$1 BILLION Blown On Virtual World Investment

whiteelephant.jpgYou know what they say: a fool and his money are easily parted. Especially when there are a bunch of fools sitting together around a boardroom table, convincing each other that virtual worlds are hot, and that they should blow millions investing in them. Which is exactly what's happening! A study by Virtual Worlds Management reckons $US 1 billion has been invested into "virtual worlds" over the past year. And no, they don't mean WoW. They mean Second Life. They also mean the kind of things you see in flash ads, with crudely-drawn avatars and promise you the ability to "chat with friends". You know, the kinds of things you and everyone else ignore because they look like a bag of shit stuffed full of pointy, rusty nails. Money well wasted, gents! $1 billion invested in virtual worlds in past 12 months - study [Gamesindustry.biz]


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