360 Arcade Unboxing Leads To Unboxing, Questions

arcadedemos.jpgOK, Microsoft, we're sorry. We do need an official announcement for the 360 Arcade Pack. With the new SKU hitting shelves over the weekend, it's also been turning up in homes for a round of unboxings. One of these has us perplexed. We'd always been under the impression that the five bundled XBLA games (Feeding Frenzy , Boom Boom Rocket, Luxor 2, Uno & Pac-Man Championship) were just that. Games. Now we're not sure whether they're full games or just demos. Clarifcation would be swell, because if they're just demos, I'm going to end my self-imposed ban on boooooing like an angry chimp. Xbox 360 Arcade unboxed [Engadget]


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