8-Bit Tie Spotted in the Wild

al07_8bit.jpgAnd if by "wild", I mean "Atomic Live 2007", then the headline is completely true. While cruising around the World GameMaster Tournmanet section of the expo hall, I came across this chap with the 8-bit tie fitted snugly to his neck.

If you'd like to pick up one of these for yourself, or an equally geeky friend/sibling/yoda doll, there's an ample supply over at ThinkGeek.

A dashing piece of apparel, wouldn't you say?


    What is this Atomic Live thing, that you've been on about?

    oh, and cool tie!

    Hey - isn't that the guy from Nerds FC 2???

    @Fairplay: If you'd like to see the coverage of Atomic Live 07, best place to start is here.

    @AnonymousFan: Yes, it is.

    That didn't take long!

    @Logan Booker: Omg I had no idea you're the editor of kotaku. Was wondering what was going to happen to that photo. 8-bit tie ftw!

    @AnonymousFan: Thanx for the NerdsFC Recognition! =)

    PK man you are showing up all over the place.

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