A Halo 3 Only Cargo Truckers See

DSC06601.JPG Microsoft has lots and lots (and lots) of money. Shucks, Company CEO Steve Ballmer gargles with silver dollars and brushes his teeth with gold bricks every morning! So when it comes to promoting AAA Xbox 360 games like Halo 3, Microsoft does not fuck around. Microsoft doesn't even fuck around about fucking around. The company means business. Don't believe us? Reader Hendrik brings word from South Africa:

What does this show to you, you might ask? Well the area in the picture is a very broken down area. The train tracks aren't the same in the states or uk. Our "little" crime problem have made most of them damaged and stripped so no passengers will see the billboard. There isn't much car activity on the right or left side. The right side (of the photo) is blocked by trees or almost out of view range. The left side is a short road with only a few cargo trucks coming and going.

What does this tell us? Microsoft wants cargo truck drivers to buy Halo 3 :D

South African truckers, great untapped video game market. Unresearched blanket advertising all around!


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