A Mysterious Record

DSC01495.JPGI just received a package today. Inside was a portable record player, a riddle and a red record from the "Riggs Records" label. The record is a single by Tainted Coil called Corpse of Hope.

Growing up in the 80s I knew immediatly there had to be a message hidden on the record if I played it backwards, I didn't even have to read the riddle. But while I've found the message I can't quite make it out. It seems to repeat three or four times something about Legends or Legend. And no, I don't think I hear the words Guitar Hero.

Hit the jump for the riddle and then help me figure it out.

Since the beginning of time 'twas written in stone, that the mystery to The Age of Metal would surface from the unknown. As the recipient of the ancient tools within, you have the power to unlock this riddle with a simple spin.

Rock must run through your veins, else solving this puzzle will be met with head pains. With primeval secrets at your fingertips, you possess the gift to propagate the fidelity from your mortal lips.

Escape the clutches of convention and let yourself travel to another dimension. Find your destiny and protect your soul, but for now it is time to Rock 'N Roll.

It's got to be Rock Band or Guitar Hero 3, maybe Jam Sessions, right? Or maybe that's too obvious. Oh, the record has the words "Tainted Coil" cut into on both sides. One side also has this number: 470-666. Curious.


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