A Personal View of Nintendo In Korea

South-Korean-flag.jpg Cubed³'s Adam Riley has a great personal piece up on gaming in Korea - specifically, how is Nintendo doing? What's selling well - and why? From the sounds of it, the DS Lite is a relatively hot item (at least among the younger set). It's an interesting piece and well worth a read through:

At last, a nice indication of the youth getting into playing with the DS, and the ages ranged from as low as six to as high as fifteen that day. Revitalised in my mission to learn more, I decided to ask my six-year-old niece to go on a mission the next day, asking people at her school if they 1.) Knew about DS and 2.) What games they played. Being the thorough girl that she is, she went around and asked everyone in her class. The general consensus was that basically everyone had a DS Lite, with it being the hot playground item right now and nobody bothering with other game systems. The boys all played various Mario games the most, with Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros. being the standout choices, whilst the girls plumped for the latter of the two Mario titles because of the fun mini-games found in it. Clearly the lure of Mario is as strong as ever...

I guess classic fun is frequently hard to resist. Only time will tell how Nintendo's long-term prospects play out in the land of StarCraft.

Cubed³ Goes to South Korea: Nintendo DS & Wii Report [via Cubed³]


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