A Reckoning

To: Ash From: Crecente Re; What's with the Narnia Hate?

There was tonight, a great reckoning. Not one of Ionian proportions, but nearly. I had been defeated in a match of Eye of Judgement last week against Gabe, only to discover that it wasn't Gabe who was playing me but the robe-wearing Penny Arcade duo of Gabe and Tycho. But still I persevered. Taking the two on in another match, one hand tied behind my back. Again I met defeat.

Today the two challenged me to a third match and again I accepted. We played, the battle stretched on as my newly balanced deck proved its worth again and again. Twice I nearly lost, but on that final occasion the deft play of a lowly 1 Mana card turned the tables and within a turn snatched victory from Penny Arcade and deftly laid it at my feet.

To be fair I had help, Tristan sat by my side, bolstering my spirit with a steady tirade of the sort of gut-punching smack talk that only a 6-year-old can deliver.

Penny Arcade, according to Tristan, is both "stupid" and "weird".


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