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Sony Pleading to Keep Third Parties on PS3 Comment by -EDGE- Nominated by treize

You know every time I read something like this, no matter the console my heart dies a little bit. I am a gamer, I have been for most of my natural life. Seeing any one of these companies fail at something I love, sucks...SEGA anyone (among others). I love games, and the people and companies who make it possible for me to enjoy them. This is not to say I like any of their respective corporate politics or general BS. But at the end of the day no matter how old I get, I will always be that kid who stared in amazement the first time I realised a story and art was no longer confined to film and books. That art could reach out and be experienced in, and on a whole new level. You may think I'm a sap or am waxing poetic lamenting a loss that has not happened. And in a way I am...somehow we the "hardcore" gamers became so jaded that we have missed the forest for the trees. /Sorry for the rant Comment by hotblack

Not cutting the price on the Wii itself is understandable. Adding the gift feature for the Shop Channel, while cool, is frankly a joke when there are still outstanding problems with the VC: - Sort out the various PAL release issues - Lower the cost of Wii Points outside of the US and Japan - Allow the exact amount of points needed for a purchase to be paid for - Add a solution for playing downloaded content from SD cards or another storage medium - Introduce the long awaited Star Points/Wii Points conversion - Add a mechanism for moving games between consoles First rule of software development, fix outstanding issues before trying to add features.

Manhunt 2 Could Get Legal Release in UK as Download Comment by kennyd1

Having some familiarity with this area of law, I really don't think the English Courts would allow them away with that. Just cause an Act doesn't account for the latest distribution methods doesn't mean they're not covered. Words are given updated meanings. For example, a 'telegraph' was interpreted to include a telephone for the purpose of the 1863 Telegraphs Act, despite the fact that the telephone wasn't invented or even dreamed of in 1863! Same is true of video tape being included in the word 'film'. I'm guessing the same thing will happen here. They'll never get away with it!

Bushnell Defines "Pure, Unadulterated Trash" Gaming Comment by Tulkamir

Unfortunatly for Mr. Bushnell and everyone else out there born with an underdeveloped logic centre in their brain, not every game released can be this super innovative new experience. Be great if that were possible, however there are limits on this kind of thing (both on the technological and human sides of it).

Adding to this, games like halo 3 do something argueably equally as important as the vaunted "innovation". They "evolve". Mankind didn't just suddenly one day go "Time to innovate!" and become what we are today. We took time and evolved. This is similar to what most games do. Take pre-exisiting ideas that are well liked and enjoyed, and build on them.

And if he (or anybody) were to actually play halo 3 and doom 1 right after one another he may notice that this evolution has been doing a great job.

Eye of Judgement Cards Copyable Comment by Witzbold

Since this game is by far more simple than MTG and other card games, its going to cause quite a bit of trouble online when people start popping out the rather perfect combinations.

Not to mention with only a 100 cards its going to be rather easy to figure out what would make a pretty damned good deck. Although since its played on a 3 x 3 grid. I do hope that this new mechanic will fuck over those who do try to cheat and use uber cards.

But it will be quite a battle for other new players to beat these people, therefore possibly driving them away.

While us more hardcore folk "might" have fun trying to fuck over those uber decks by using tactics and such, but still yet. Seeing the same goddamed deck over and over again will make the game boring as shit, as folks have said.

All we can hope for is that the niche community of "honest / non-asshole" players will be strong enough to help drive the "gears" of this game long enough so that it will continue to be supported by sony and WotC.

Personally though, Im still worried. Also the fact that theres no SP story mode makes me rather sad too. Since its either play with the AI or go online. Its unfortunate they didnt have a story mode to go along and teach you, instead of the long video tutorials.

Capcom Exec Defends Okami on Wii Comment by Ninja-Z

People are complaining about ports on the Wii, but let's face it: the Wii is completely new hardware that may have low development costs, but a hell of a lot of work to ensure that motion control is perfected. Developers aren't going to risk making a completely original game and throwing it out onto the Wii only to have motion controls suck and ruin the title. They're going to experiment with ports, so that if they fail, they can at least avoid losing money and going out of business, learn from their mistakes, and release future titles that show the system for what it is. Granted, what I'm saying may not make it better for the consumer, but ports are a logical business move for developers jumping on the Wii train.

It's nice to see Capcom giving a little more attention to this port, however, because I've never gotten a chance to play Okami. Having it on the Wii would be a perfect chance to play what sounds like an example of gaming at its finest.

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