Analysts Put Microsoft Studio Departures Under Analyser

shane_kim_bs.jpgThe "loss" of Bungie and the closing of FASA Studio, paired with the third-party snatching up of Bizarre Creations and Bioware-Pandemic led Newsweek blogger N'Gai Croal to key his editorial on a Microsoft "shell shocked" by losses, writing that the aforementioned development houses slipping through Microsoft Game Studios' fingers "strongly suggest that the house that Shane Kim built may rest on quicksand." Sure, some may say that's leaning toward internet-appropriate melodrama, but it certainly didn't appear to be a corporate "win-win", Microsoft's description of the Bungie deal. One group that doesn't see it as a Big Deal is the beloved analyst population.

Instead, expert analyzers like David Cole of DFC Intelligence and (wait for it...) Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan focus on the meaning of the departures, closings and acquisitions in regard to how seemingly unimportant they are in the big picture.

Pachter told GameDaily BIZ that "I'm not sure that MGS is any worse off" highlighting the still in-house teams at Lionhead and Rare, adding that the company has a solid track record of securing exclusive and "there is no reason to believe that they won't be able to manage several more exclusives going forward."

Todd Greenwald of Nollenberger Capital Partners deems the question practically moot, responding "I think the better question is - why isn't Sony doing more to acquire 1st party studios, or at least secure more 3rd party exclusives? They're the ones who need to be doing this, not Microsoft."

More stinging analysis at GameDaily BIZ.

Microsoft Game Studios' Foundation Resting on Quicksand? [GameDaily BIZ]


    I like N'Gai but he tends to fall on the pseudo-intelectual and trendy bandwagon of hating microsoft just because they are microsoft.

    And that's where this article of his comes from.

    Bioware was not a loss, as it never was a 1st party developer and Bizarre, well, did you see PGR 4 sales compared to PGR 3 sales? Taking in consideration that Bizzare didn't t do anything besides PGR's for MS that's not much loss, specially when Bizarre do not keep the PGR IP, I would say it's a zero loss to MS.

    Now Bungie. Bungie signed a contract that gives first choice of publishing to MGS on ANYTHING that the come to develop, that forces them to develop a version for XBOX 360 of ANYTHING they come to develop and publish (even if MGS passes on the project) and that HALO IP still 100% on MS hands. Where did MS lose anything there? Only thing that changes is that next time MS requests Bungie to do HALO 4 (or whatever name they give it) bungie will not be retarded to say no to it's royalties and there's less costs for MGS in order to produce the game.

    So it's not hard to see N'Gai once more falling on the "must hate on MS to be a real tech intellectual" bandwagon.

    Let's patiently wait until he drops off this train and gifts us with the geniality that he is surely capable off when not under the pseud-intellectual collective mind grasp.

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