And This Christmas Goes To... Sega?

mario_sonic.jpgWhile Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have all been duking it out to capture the market this holiday season, an unlikely party has already called it. Yes, Sega is the self-proclaimed victor of this winter because of their upcoming title, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. From senior product manager Phil Lamb:

This will be a leading title at Christmas. We have fully set our sights on it being the number one Wii title but are confident that this title has the potential to also achieve the top slot in the All Formats chart too.

If Sonic and Mario had teamed up, say, seventeen years ago, we'd bet the bank. But in the year 2007, only one thing's for sure: if this game actually becomes the best seller, Michael McWhertor should go pro. We can win Xmas sales race, says Sega [mcv]


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