PC Mag Less Than 3s Kotaku

topwebsite.jpgNot only did the kind folks over at PC Magazine list us, along with IGN and 1UP, as the "best in breed" for classic gaming sites this year, but they went on to include us in their 100 favourite blogs.Eric Griffith writes in the entry for classic blog that:

Gawker's entry in the world of console gaming blogs is everything a gaming blog should be: tenacious, passionate, and full of rumours. It's not afraid to take on the big guys, as demonstrated by a well-publicised falling out with Sony earlier this year over a published rumour. But that's where the site excels, keeping gamers instantly up to date on the latest news about their favourites titles and platforms for couch-sitting. Kotaku's apt motto: "Don't get a life just yet."

While Whitney Reynolds writes for the favourite blogs entry that:

There are plenty of video-gaming blogs out there, but few are better than Kotaku. This blog has every bit of industry news and rumour you could want, and occasionally mixes things up with pictures of nerds dressed up like Link and cakes shaped like Master Chief.

OK, I guess I can't fire Fahey now.

Our 100 Favorite Blogs [PC Mag]


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