Anyone For More Psychonauts?

psychocomingsoon.jpgYou may have noticed, we're a little excited about Brütal Legend. So excited, in fact, I was trawling Double-Fine's site today for scraps, and came across this. On the site's "Projects" page, two games are listed. One is Brutal Legend. The other is...oh, just some kind of Psychonauts project. An announcement on which is COMING SOON. What could it be?

A Psychonauts sequel, perhaps? Oh, don't go getting ahead of yourself, that road leads to naught but heartache and despair. Our money's on a Wii port of the original, based off these comments by Tim Schafer on the company's FAQ:

Why didn't you make Psychonauts for the GameCube? Do you hate Nintendo? And if that's true, what's your address, because I'm coming over to kill you right now. I'm going to show you my Pokemans, and it will be the last thing you ever see.

Settle down, fanboy. No one loves Nintendo more than me (well, maybe this guy). Most of my all time favourite games are Nintendo games. I have touched Shigeru Miyamoto with my bare hands!!! (He was very soft and pleasant.) Double Fine would love to make something for Nintendo's fine machine, but it's not up to us. It's the publisher's money, so they get to decide what platform to invest in. In other words, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT! I personally would have loved to make Psychonauts for the Game Cube. (Well, not literally me personally. I would have loved to tell someone else to make it, and I would have loved to watch them do it, and I would have loved yelling, "Faster! Faster!" as they worked.) I really hope we get a chance to make a game for the Wii some day. Why don't you spam your favourite publisher with mail right now and ask them to send us money to make a Wii game? (And a little extra money for a pool table?)

Encouraging, no? We've contacted Double-Fine to ask what's up, will let you know if they're interested in telling us about this project a little sooner.

Double-Fine Projects


    I'm pretty sure it would just be a "Psychonauts" Section on the website. I don't think it's a new game, or a new port. They've recently re-made the website, and they're still adding content...

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