Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: B.Rap Boys

brapboys.jpgKaneko released B.Rap Boys in 1992 with a semi wide release. It was a beat em up that featured three playable characters roaming the mean streets of a fictional New York seeking to put an end to an evil crime lord and his minions. Each character relied on a different mode of transportation to get them to and fro such as a skateboard, a bike and roller skates. It was controlled with a joystick and two buttons and although the fighting was done with one button, players were able to pull off a variety of moves. Various enemies would attack brandishing weapons and throwing bottles and in some cases, hamburgers. Enemies would also drop weapons that could be picked up and used against them. Some bizarre touches included the ability to fight in a mech suit and an attack tuba (don't ask). The game was most notable for it's soundtrack that consisted of many lines of pre-recorded dialog, sampled music clips and several full rap songs that accompanied your beatings. Everyone knows there's nothing better than kicking arse on your skateboard, bike or roller skates while enjoying some hot rap.

Wow, there is just so much wrong with this flyer I don't even really know where to begin. Ok, let's start with the weird style of the game characters. Everyone looks kind of roundy and chubby, not that there's anything wrong with that but it ends up making the player characters look like deformed midgets. The three guys in the centre however have a more realistic look to them as they often do in these flyers but I have to say the guy in the centre is wholly unimpressive as the centre of attention. I mean jeans and a plain white button up?

Come on, give us something a little better than that. At least the black guy has a hip hoppin' cool sleeveless denim vest and red bandanna with matching ball cap and roller skates. THAT is what I expect from the hero of a game called B.Rap Boys. The guy on the bike isn't terribly awesome either, but the green vest does add a bit of flair. All this is placed inexplicably in front of a the Statue of Liberty for a subtle patriotic flair and then splashed over an aerial view of New York. Utterly bizarre, much like the game itself. I guess we know why this never became an arcade classic.


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