Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Super Don Quix-ote

sdqflyer.jpgUniversal released Super Don Quix-ote in 1984 as their answer to the uber popular Dragon's Lair. Unfortunately it was a rather lame answer. The game followed the adventures of the legendary Spanish hero Don Quixote except that this time Don had magically transformed into a blonde guy with a red, white and blue costume. Along for the ride was Don's trusty sidekick Sancho Panza who literally was along for the ride as he did absolutely nothing. The plot line basically has the made over Don out to rescue his girlfriend Isabella from an evil witch. Along the way he has to fight various creatures including skeletons, mummies, she-demons, a totem pole (ok...), snakes, electric jelly fish, a dragon and of course, the ever popular windmill. The windmill, the title and the inclusion of the characters of Isabella and Pancho are the closest the game ever gets to the original story.

The game was controlled very similarly...ok, exactly like Dragon's Lair with the player using the joystick to put in the appropriate moves. Like Dragon's Lair, Super Don Quix-ote was a laser disc game and the player was less controlling the character and more controlling the playing of the laser disc. Universal tried to make it a bit easier on the player by actually showing the correct direction in which to move, but it didn't really make the game any more popular. The animation was clearly inferior to DL and the gameplay derivative. The death sequence for Don was almost identical to Dirk's. The game would finally end when Don killed the witch and rescued Isabella.

The art for this flyer definitely shows how derivative and substandard this game was in comparison to the likes of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. It's not the the animation was terrible per se, but more like the quality just wasn't there. It's kind of like comparing Disney and Hanna-Barberra. The real proof of course is all in the details. And speaking of Disney, the evil witch in this game is a direct rip off of Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent. Pretty much all they did was change the interior colour of her costume from purple to red, add some fangs and give her a slightly uglier face. Just goes to show you that re-purposing the good elements from a bunch of different sources doesn't necessarily make a good end product.

[Flyer courtesy TAFA]

PS: I managed to dig up this little clip of some of the gameplay. It has no audio, but you can at least see what the animation is like for yourself.


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