Army of Two To Double Team 2008

armyof2delay.jpgThere's a valid reason behind the marketing vacuum surrounding EA's co-op shooter Army of Two—it's been delayed until next year. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shooter that uses the buddy system was due to ship to retailers in a few weeks, just in time for holiday shopping hysteria, but the company has seen fit to give the team at EA Montreal more time to "polish" Army of Two.

The game was noticeably absent at EA's E For All booth, instead focusing on The Simpsons Game, Team Fortress 2, NFL Tour and Medal of Honor entries, so I'm not clear on exactly how unpolished the game was at this point. Looks like "early 2008" is going to be as chock-a-block with big releases as the fourth quarter was originally intended to be.

EA delays "Army of Two" to early 2008 [Reuters]


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