Assassin's Creed On Wii? No Dice

giantjaderaymondface.jpgYou might want Assassin's Creed on Wii. You probably want a lot of things. And like a lot of those things (a Hindenburg replica, roller-skating helper monkeys), it's just not going to happen. Jade Raymond:

[A Wii version]would be possible, but it would need changes to the gameplay, like the DS version. But that just wouldn't be the same experience. Unfortunately, the Wii just doesn't have the same performance as the PS3 and 360.

It's OK, Jade, we knew that. Altair craves high-quality textures, not super-imposed wiggle controls. You don't have to let us down so gently. Interview mit Jade Raymond [Gamers Spirit, thanks MDawg!]


    oh...she's hot.

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