Atari Gets $10 Million, Couple Months Of Life

atarilogoold.jpgWatching Atari struggle to stay afloat is like watching a very slow zombie shambling forward through a hail of gunfire. Bits keep falling off, but still it keeps on coming. They post a $US 69.7 million loss, cut their workforce considerably, and have their board of directors severely restructured, but still they struggle onward. Today, the defending soldiers pause to reload their weapons as Infogrames Entertainment shareholders BlueBay High Yield Investments advance the company $10 million in credit to keep the games coming and offices operating during the 2007 holiday season. This is on top of $US 3 million in outstanding loans being bought by Bluebay Asset Management funds. $10 million helps, but the company is still seeking additional financing. I'm patiently waiting for a PayPal donation button to appear on their homepage.

Atari Secures $10 Million For Continued Operations [Gamasutra]


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