Atomic Live 07: The Cars

al07_head.jpgHere starts the Atomic Live 2007 coverage!

Live 07 was held on the rather sunny Saturday of October 20, inside the Badgery Pavilion at Sydney Olympic Park. It was labelled a tech and gaming expo, and on both fronts it delivered. Rough attendance numbers on the day were about 1200 – I’m not sure if they hit that high, but the venue was always busy.

To kick off the first in a batch of posts are three snaps of cars that were present at the event. No, they didn’t move much while they were there; they were more inclined to sit looking pretty, or challenge onlookers to figure out how they actually got inside the pavilion. Pictures after the jump!

Oh, and bonus virtual cookie if you can perfectly ID these vehicles, because my knowledge of cars is about as extensive as my experience with offshore oil rigging. Which is to say infinitesimal. al07_ferrari.jpgI’m guessing it’s a Ferrari, brought in for the day by hardware distributor Altech.

al07_suv.jpgA Gigabyte… SUV? It could also be a tank.

al07_pickup.jpgA pickup with some extremely unhealthy looking wheels. Do you reckon it’s driveable? I don’t think so.


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