Atomic Live 07: The Cosplay

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Although you’ll find it hard to believe, Novus Ordo did have an ulterior motive for attending Atomic Live 2007. Along with the cars, stands and booth babes (which we’ll get to soon), was a cosplay competition, sponsored by DVD/movie distributor Madman and hosted, in part, by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

With wookies, storm troopers, anime characters and even Arwen from Lord of the Rings, the comp had an extraordinarily good turnout. Voting was executed using the tried and true “Applause” method. This system culled the group to three – Kitty Nakajima, Stormtrooper Girl and the Wookie.

Each competitor received a DVD, while the three winners bagged themselves a luscious DVD pack from Madman.

Hit the jump for a few more pics.al07_drkarl.jpgDr Karl interviews… someone. I couldn’t quite figure out who she was meant to be.

al07_otherside.jpgA shot from the other side of the stage, for the whole 3D effect and such.

al07_cosfinals.jpgThe three finalists. Unsurprisingly, two of them are girls.


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