Auran Unleashes Fury

FuryBox.jpgThis morning marks the retail launch of Auran’s long-awaited hack’n’slash MMO Fury. At the moment, the US and Australia are enjoying first dibs on the game, which was developed right here in Oz (well, Queensland to be specific).

I’m really hoping that Fury succeeds in making a dent in World of Warcraft‘s subscriber base, or even garnering its own fan base from the gaming community at large. With Pandemic being sold off to the money machine that is EA, and Irrational under the watchful eye of 2K Games, Auran is the last great Australian developer (and publisher!) still doing the independent thing.

If you haven’t picked it up already, Fury is available right now for $89.95. Do the right thing and support the local industry! At the very least, give it a go.

Update: As many have pointed out, Auran isn’t the only big independent left in Oz. Its joined by Creative Assembly and Krome (I’ll add Team Bondi once it’s made a game). I’ve been pretty ill the last few days, so that’s my excuse.

Full release after the jump. You may notice that it only mentions the US. Never fear – a news post on the official website confirms the release in both territories.

Cockpit, Austin, Texas ” October 16, 2007 ” Auran and Gamecock Media Group today announced that FURY has shipped to North American retailers. Combining the fast paced gameplay of a first-person shooter with in-depth role-playing game elements, FURY is a Player versus Player powerhouse that wants you to waste enemies, not time. Rated T for Teen, FURY is available now on PC for an MSRP of $49.99.

With the success of the recent open-Beta tournament, The FURY Challenge, there have been many changes and improvements to both the gameplay and look of FURY. The revamped character creation/customization brings new meaning to the phrase “pick up and play.” New players will be given increased flexibility when creating their avatar to get them into the fight harder and faster than ever before.

“FURY is pushing the boundaries of what people expect from an MOG,” said Harry Miller, ‘El Presidente’ of Gamecock Media Group, “Players have been looking for a game that embraces PvP for years and now thanks to Auran they’ll finally have it.”

FURY is free to play right out of the box, which means all players from casual to hardcore can join the battle right from the start. An optional “Immortal” subscription plan will also be available at $9.95/month, but all players will have unlimited access to the game. All abilities, weapons, armor and free content updates will be available no matter which subscription players choose.
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About Auran
Established in 1995, Auran is one of Australia’s largest and most respected game developers. Boasting an 80 strong international development team, Auran is currently working on three titles, the world leading Trainz Railroad Simulator, now in its 6th Edition with more than 1 million copies sold; BattleStar Gallactica for XBLA; and FURY, the innovative PvP MMO game that is set to revolutionize the world of competitive online gaming.

About Gamecock Media Group
Based in Austin, Texas, Gamecock Media Group offers a welcome solution to the bloated and originality-starved video game industry. A well-funded, independent, artist-driven company, Gamecock favors the most innovative and original video game developers in the industry. Publishing games for all platforms, Gamecock offers its developers a high degree of participation, freedom and financial incentives, allowing them to perform and create to their utmost ability.

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