Aussie Sales Charts

fortdenison.jpgAnd what do you know, there's Halo 3 at the top. Thing sold 70,000 copies in its first week, which already has it as the #2-selling 360 game of all time down here. I'd imagine it'll have caught Gears by this time next week. Equally unsurprising are the rest of the charts, which apart from a few lost lambs are all FIFA and SingStar. Really, three FIFAs and two SingStars? Must be getting close to Christmas.

1) Halo 3 2) FIFA 08 (PS2) 3) SingStar Rock Ballads (Game) 4) FIFA 08 (PS3) 5) Super Paper Mario 6) FIFA 08 (360) 7) More Brain Training 8) SingStar 90s (Game) 9) Ratatouille (PS2) 10) Heavenly Sword

[charts provided by GfK]


    Check with gfk Luke - Halo 3 oursold Gears by a LARGE margin

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