Aussie Sales Charts

ulladulla.jpgAustralia doesn't just abandon the Master Chief once he's been on the shelf for a week or two. No, we BELIEVE. And so it is that Halo 3, a month after release, still tops the charts, no doubt helped along by the fact Orange Box only came out only this week and that the general public seems blissfully unaware that Project Gotham Racing 4 actually exists.

1) Halo 3 2) Phantom Hourglass 3) Drawn To Life 4) Crash of the Titans (PS2) 5) Catz 2006 (DS) 6) SingStar Pop Hits (Game + Mics) 7) Juiced 2 (PS2) 8) SingStar 90s 9) Dogz 2006 (DS) 10) SingStar Rock Ballads

[charts courtesy of GfK]


    Australian charts are nothing without a few singstar's in the top 10. Otherwise it just won't be Australia.

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