Australia To See Its Own 40GB PS3?

Australia To See Its Own 40GB PS3?

ps3newfcc.jpgSeamus Byrne over at Gizmodo AU gave me the heads-up on this hot rumour. He has it on good authority that we’ll be seeing an affordable 40GB PS3 on our shores shortly.

October 11 is the date provided, along with a not-so-wallet-slaying $699 price tag. All this follows pretty closely on the heels of the steady flow of news regarding a fresh PS3 SKU coming in from the States.

Is $699 cheap enough to tempt the late adopters? I know I’m considering it.

Australian 40GB PS3 unoffically confirmed [Gizmodo AU]


  • Whats this KotakuAUS biz? I dont mind these region specific sites but I HATE the idea of missing out on US content for the sole reason that the games industry resides for the most part in the USA.

    Please put my fears to rest.

  • @GSB: We bring across all the US content, so you’re not missing out on anything. In fact, you’re getting more.

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