Australia To See Its Own 40GB PS3? (Update)

Gizmodo AU’s source for their story on the $699 40GB PS3 is looking even more legit. Australian Kotakuite Musky just dropped us a line with the following information:

Thought you might like to know, I picked up a 60GB PS3 in JB Hi-Fi in Sydney today and was told by the shop person that I was lucky to get this one as it’s the last shipment of the 60GB versions they are being sent, their next shipment will be the 40GB version without card reader and missing two USB ports which will retail for $699 AUD.

Seems like full steam ahead for Sony.


  • That price point is getting better, but I don’t see how chopping 20gbs, card reader and 2xusb can save $300 off the rrp.

  • Geez, I was hoping it would be cheaper than that. I was actually going to pick one up if it was around 500-600max. But damn 700 is still a lot to ask just for the console, now without 2 usb ports and card reader.

    Sony just keep disappointing me. Why does there have to be so many good games coming out for this damn system!

  • I can confirm that, I work at a JB’s in Perth. Our official release date for the 40GB is 11/10/07 and its RRP is $699. I have also been told by our head office that it isn’t backwards compatible…which is odd.

  • Yeah, I still might wait for the rumble-equipped DualShock3 pack that maybe doesn’t price the console on 2001 US dollar currency rates.

    I may be waiting a while.

  • Well if you got it from America it would only be about $450 (excluding shipping). Personally I’m sick of how we aussies get treated in the pricing regard to games.

    This is one reason though I like the PS3, I can give the aussie price setters the big finger and save about $40 off PS3 games all year Long, plus I’ll prolly get them earlier. Region Free FTW.

    (anyone up for a play-asia order 😛 )

  • Weird. Good, I guess. But the US price is roughly $450 AUD.. This seems really unfair. I don’t mind the lack of backwards compatibility as I have a PS2. But still.. Maybe next year.

  • Not a bad deal. I manged to get the 60GB for $759 (technically due to the pack) so I’m happy to see it didn’t drop much below that 🙂

    Certainly looks like the games have just begun.

  • Wow… No Backwards Compatibility? What happened to Sony’s big “We do real backwards Compatibility where as our rivals only try” statement?

    I would honestly rather get a used 60GB unit with a game or two for $600 (That seems to be the average asking price on forums).

  • Where does it say no backwards compatibility?? It’s all emulated in software, and always has been for the PAL region, I doubt that they are going to take away software emulation.

    Also the site that originally had the lack of backwards compatibility statement, has since taken that statement down.

    I’d also like to say that I haven’t had a problem with any games being run via emulation.

  • If I was told that I had “just bought the last 60GB model before the el cheapo model hit the store”, I would have handed it back to the sales clown and said “oi, i’ll wait then.

    Some people are so stupid.

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