Australian Sales Charts

hampdenbridge.jpgIt's going to be a dual-screened Christmas down here this summer. I can feel it. So can the charts: just look at all those DS games! Phantom Hourglass is kept out of the top spot only by some Halo game, Drawn To Life miraculously enters at #3 and in total six of the top ten games are for Nintendo's handheld.

1) Halo 3 2) Phantom Hourglass 3) Drawn To Life 4) Juiced 2 5) Brain Training 2 6) FIFA 08 (PS2) 7) Pokemon Diamond 8) Pokemon Pearl 9) SingStar Rock Ballads 10) Brain Training

[charts courtesy of GfK]


    The first three make me happy, the rest makes me want to kill people.

    Oh no, the world is ending. Only ONE Singstar title in the top 10 and it's at 9. What's Australia coming to.

    Everyone is too broke from buying the PETZ games.

    I drive down that bridge once a week and think 'I feel like im in disneyland.. or in a computer game castle.'

    true story.

    STREET FIGHTER 4 just got announced. True story.

    I feel ashamed that Juiced 2 is in that list. Is that the bridge in Kangaroo Valley?

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