BAFTA Is A Big Joke, Everyone Knows

BAFTA Is A Big Joke, Everyone Knows

bafta.jpgGlad to see someone else has the same opinion as me on the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Game Awards.

Back on Atomic, I did an editorial on the BAFTAs in 2005, when Half-Life 2 made a close-to-clean sweep of the proceedings. It even managed to pick up an award for Best Online, despite at the time not having an online component.

What surprised me even more was that in ’05, Peter Molyneux was on the board for the Game Awards. WTF indeed.

When that sort of crap happens, you know there’s someone behind the scenes who’s a few cans short of a six pack. From that point onwards, the BAFTA Game Awards, at least for me, became a complete joke.

Sadly, things have not improved in two years.

Carlos Bergfeld over at Shacknews has his own editorial up on this year’s awards and how he considers them to be a bumbled operation:

Looking at this year’s list of nominations as well as the official rules for eligibility on BAFTA’s site shows how the game awards have quickly become a sham. Eight of the titles nominated for awards this year had not yet been released in Europe, with seven of them unreleased in any territory, making it highly improbable that each of the category juries made up of seven to nine developers and publishers had played or even seen a significant portion of these games.

Personally – the BAFTA Game Awards should be scrapped until there are people with some, oh… I don’t know, familiarity with the industry running the show. Just stop, please, before I die from laughter.

Editorial: BAFTA’s Games Awards Have Failed Us [Shacknews]


  • Despite the awards being a sham, I’m glad that Bioshock got Best Game. Though it shouldn’t be hard against unreleased games like Crysis and Kane & Lynch.

    Some really don’t make sense though, as Gregoriush says, Wii Sports in the strategy / simulation? That’s really clutching at straws to get it in as many categories as possible. Super Paper Mario for innovative? They do realise its the 3rd in the series right?

  • And while I’ll be the first to say that Halo 3 has absolutely no originality whatsoever, you think there would at least be a little bit of a mention in the awards, at least in the multiplayer component.


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