Ban Hammer Runs Red with Blood

To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: Sick House

As we've been focusing on TGS and recovering from TGS and getting sick, the comment section has been unmonitored for a bit. Today, I literally went in and banned, shit thee not, over forty people. Maybe more. Banned people for hate speech, not adding to the conversation and trolling. Lots and lots of trolling. The bigger the site gets, the more readers and commenters it attracts. A good thing! But not all of them are interested in contributing and some are keen on detracting.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't like going into the comment section and banning people. It eats up time I could be spending doing other things, but if we don't do that, our comment section will turn to... well... Not so good!

Actually, after today's blood letting, I'm somewhat exhausted, drained.

Elsewhere, I got an email from a Japanese company I've written a magazine article about, asking when they could "check" the article. By "check", they meant look at what I've written. I'm sure as you agree, I never show final copy to anyone but my editor — never, ever an outsider. The company was contacted by the magazine's fact checker, which is standard practice as you know. I told the company that they've already confirmed the facts with the mag's fact checker, but if they want to read my copy, they'll have to wait. Until it's published.

This has happened to me oodles of times, and I'm sure I've written you about it. Never ceases to amaze me. Wonder what regular journalists do here...

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