Battlefield 3 Details Leaked

battlefield_bc.jpgDigital Battle writes that they've been tipped with a PDF containing super-secret details on the next Battlefield game proper, allegedly from an investor-targeted mailer. According to the information passed on to them, the modern day Battlefield 3 will feature up to 80-players on a single map. Talk of MMO-style character customisation and "in-game replay and recording feature" bullet points already have us interested in the game, if the details pan out.

The game sounds more along the lines of Battlefield 2 or Battlefield 2142 than it does EA's other shooter due in 2008, Battlefield: Bad Company, pictured above.

Battlefield 3 is rumoured to ship at the end of 2008 for both Windows Vista and Mac OS X, with a summertime beta planned. More details, including loads of numbers on the game's vehicles, weapons, character classes and factions, at the link below.

Breaking: Battlefield 3 Leaked Info [Digital Battle - thanks, James!]


    Man i wouldnt be surprised if this thing comes out with the exact same engine/physics again, with prettier textures ala BF2 to BF2142.

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