Battlestar Galactica and Exit This Wednesday

bsgxbla.jpgThe first Battlestar Galactica game since that really bad one hit back on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox is coming to an Xbox 360 near you this Wednesday. The space combat game features single player missions taken from important moments in the new series as well as three different multiplayer modes: skirmish, domination, and firefight. Up to 8 players can take to the spaceways in any of four human or four Cylon ships, each with unique capabilities and weapons. If space combat isn't your thing there's always Exit, the Xbox Live Arcade version of the PSP puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of Mr. ESC, a hero who rescues people from disastrous situations and then puts them to work in solving any of 120 stages, with more promised with future updates. I'll be getting BG myself, as I've been a slave to space combat since Privateer, Wing Commander's spunky younger brother hit back in 1993. Both games will set you back 800 Microsoft points and will be available early Wednesday morning, as per usual.


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