Beautiful Katamari DLC Available in Japan/Asia

princedom.jpgBeautiful Katamari has barely been out a week and downloadable content is already available for Asia and Japan. Logic would dictate that it will probably show up on US XBL sometime in the coming weeks, but is this a little to early? The four new levels, "Milky Way Constellations", "The Weaver Girl", "Shopping Spree" and "High-calorie Katamari", are available at 200 MS points EACH. So, we're talking over eight dollars all together for the new levels, adding to the $US 40 plus tax we just paid for the game itself. It seems like a little time between the release of the game and producing the DLC might take the sting off a little but as it stands, it seems a little money grabbing in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Katamari fan and I'm usually pretty ambivalent about DLC, but this just seems like a bad move that is likely to turn a lot of people off and has certainly made me rethink my position on DLC in general.

Beautiful Katamari DLC is available, already? [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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