Bee Movie Demo Pollinates Xbox Live

beemoviegame.jpgDon't tell anyone, but here at Kotaku we've been generally impressed with the Bee Movie Game, based off of the DreamWorks movie in which a disillusioned bee realises that humans have been taking their honey for centuries and decides to sue us. Not only is it a movie-based video game, but it is an animated feature aimed towards children and adults the likes of which have produced countless mediocre console titles in the past. We've a feeling this game could break the mold, and now Xbox 360 owners can find out for themselves. The Bee Movie Game demo is now up on Xbox Live, all 445 or so megabytes of it - enough to give you a taste of life as a small bee in the big city. See for yourself what the buzz is all about. Yeah, I actually wrote that last line. Can't believe it myself.


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