Beijing Perfect World's Video Contest Winners

wanmei_thumb.jpg Beijing Perfect World, one of Mainland China's biggest players in the online games market, ran a contest for gamers to put together movies showcasing their idea of 'a perfect world.' The interesting thing is that the winning video actually got aired on China Central Television (the national TV network, better known for all sorts of fantastically dramatic Chinese soap operas - at least, that's what I fondly remember it for). I took a look at several of the prize-winning videos - some of them are obviously more game-related than others - and it's good for quite a bit of entertainment. True to BPW form, the press release is a gem in its own right. Take a look at the winning videos here and find the full release after the jump.

BEIJING, Oct. 18 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ — Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd. (''PW Network'' or ''the Company'') today announces that the grand prize winning "Perfect World in the Eye" (''the Film'') of the first Company sponsored "Perfect World" micro-video originality competition has successfully showcased on China Central Television's film channel. The Film, titled "Love Cinematographing," first aired at 21:30 on Oct. 9, 2007.

"Perfect World in the Eye" tells the story of an ideal and harmonious world through the eyes of a child. By using the technique of compare and contrast, the Film explores a utopian society according to a pure child's opinion. The Film unifies the three main components, "Love, Happiness and Green," with artful cutting techniques, and uses the child's joyous smile in the final scene to point out the main theme of the Film — this may be the perfect world in everyone's heart!

The first "Perfect World" micro-video originality competition began on July 15. The activities organizing committee received a significant number of applications since the competition began. After the judging process, which also took public opinion into consideration, Clang Clang's, "Perfect World in the Eye," was awarded the competition's grand prize. The "Duanyu Series" made by Snow and Moon workroom, "Perfect World" made by Chenjunguang 06, "Houyi Fires Moon" made by Tianyizhiwen, and "Accident of Filming Perfect World" made by Hongchun gg were also awarded prizes.

The airing of the winning film on CCTV's film channel not only demonstrated the improvement of game players' video-making skills, but also the substantial amount of attention the event has received. The screening also exhibited the influence of PW Network, and the Company's ability to improve both the game players' tangible and intangible abilities through its self developed online games. The Company will continue to hold this kind of event in the future and enable game players to observe their favourite games through fresh and various angles and completely display the development and fascination of domestic games.

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