Ben Heck's New One Handed Controller

heck_controller.jpgLooks like my prediction that Ben Heckendorn's one-handed Xbox 360 controller was the "mystery" eDimensional product wasn't wrong, so much as it was premature. Heckendorn writes on his blog today that a next-gen version of his original one-handed controller concept is indeed going to be manufactured, but for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will also arrive in a much different form. This one happens to be even more accessible, as it doesn't require the use of a thigh.

The Access controller, as Ben has dubbed it, features an extra layer of accessibility with a series of swappable modules. Owners of the Access can rearrange buttons, analogue sticks, shoulder buttons, and the d-pad for the configuration of their choice. Neat!

Ben's new controller is available quite yet, nor does he mention a planned ship date. However, if you're interested in scoring one, he has provided contact info for eDimensional to whom you can express your interest. It's perfect for the disabled gamer in your life or for the Rumble Roses XX uber-enthusiast.

Benheck's new single handed "Access" controller revealed [ - thanks, Scott!]


    "Ben's new controller is available quite yet..."
    Should be:
    "Ben's new controller isn't available quite yet..."

    Proofread you big dummy.

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