Ben Mansill To Leave Atomic

Ben Mansill To Leave Atomic

atomic.gifWe recently talked to Tim Best about his departure from the editor’s position at PC Powerplay and his subsequent move to Perth games developer Interzone. Now, we have news that another veteran games journo is looking to greener pastures, with Ben Mansill announcing on the Atomic forums that he’ll be leaving the tech/gaming mag.

I’ve recently been offered a good position at another publishing company, to help drive and grow its games titles and sites. It’s a step for me that I need to take. I need to do new things, around new people, and just have a massive change of scene for the sake of it. The longer I stay here the less likely it is I’ll ever want to leave, but life’s short and about variety of experience.

All the best and good luck Ben. Having worked with Ben for close to five years on Atomic, I can vouch for the fact that he’s a top bloke. He’s done excellent work with the magazine and its community, and before that, PC Powerplay, so there’s no doubt he’ll keep the trend going.

A new beginning [Atomic forums]


  • Sad to hear him leaving, but it’s good that you are adding more Australian based stories. Love Atomic 😀
    So when will we be seeing some exclusive Kotaku interviews with our home grown game developers?

  • Yep, he’s been around the PC gaming scene for as long as I can remember. Atomic was a great mag and really filled a niche at the time of conception.

    Any word on which ‘publishing company’ he’ll be working for?

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