Big Differences Between Uncharted and Tomb Raider

lara-croftuncharted.jpg Lara Croft is a treasure hunter. Uncharted's Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter. Let the comparisons begin! What does developer Naughty Dog think of those comparisons? Company co-president Evan Wells dishes:

I completely understand them, just because this is a genre which is not that widely used in videogames for whatever reason — people tend to focus more on science fiction. This more realistic, treasure hunting, pulp action adventure genre really hasn't been tried by that many. So I think just by the very fact that both Nathan Drake and Lara Croft are treasure hunters, there will be comparisons. But beyond that, they diverge pretty rapidly. From a character standpoint, Nathan Drake is an everyman who struggles to get by, who you can see on his face that he's stressed out as he's flinching from bullets ricocheting off the cover he's hiding behind, while Lara is the more stone-faced acrobat, perfect landing every time. And then the game play, obviously we were very focused on third person cover-based play, while theirs is more auto-aiming and a little more heavy on the puzzle-solving.

Plus, Lara Croft has big boobs. Nathan Drake doesn't. Don't forget that!! Naughty Dog on Uncharted [Gamespot]


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