Bionic Commando Casts A Pod

bionic1.jpgActivision just sent us word that the first developer podcast for Capcom’s Bionic Commando is up over at the official site.

Producer Ben Judd does the honours for the inaugural chat, where he talks about the following:

  • His memories of the original Bionic Commando
  • How Ben Judd got started at Capcom Japan and how he became a producer
  • Why bring back the Bionic Commando franchise
  • The advantages and disadvantages of bringing back old franchises in games and movies, and the challenges therein
  • Whether games are art or not, and if they can make you cry
  • About designing and creating the new BC game, and the cultural conflicts in that
  • It, literally, sounds like a corker of a podcast. And to think it’s just one of many more to come.

    Also note that there’s a suggestions/comments box at the link below, where you can submit your ideas for the next podcast.

    Bionic Commando [Official site, direct link to podcast page]


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