BioWare Planning KotOR MMO?

kotor_ii_art.jpgCiting a source "close to BioWare", gaming site Primotech writes that the recently acquired developer may be revisiting the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic universe for an upcoming massively multiplayer online game. The developer's Austin-based spin-off dev house, publicly announced in March of 2006, has already confirmed it is hard at work on an unspecified MMO, but had released little in the way of details since its birth announcement. The rumoured Knights of the Old Republic MMO would obviously be set in a time frame with a comfortable distance from its Sony Online Entertainment published sister, Star Wars Galaxies, so potential crossover would be (hopefully) nil.

Despite how wonderfully good (and logical) such a project would be, consider it rumour for now until we hear more.

BioWare's Upcoming MMO Based in KOTOR Universe [Primotech]


    Wouldn't EA need to buy the Star Wars licence from Lucasarts for any titles made by Bioware now? I was under the impression that wasn't likely...

    oh.. my.. god..

    This is one rumor i would kill to become truth!! =)

    This would make an fantastic MMO, Environments in kotor 1 & 2 were amazing. Imagine even more detail and depth!

    @MR WAFFLE: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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