Bioware Talks BioShock and Next Gen

mass-effect-20070417043825875-000.jpgIf there's one guy we'll allow to continue using the phrase "next-gen", it's Bioware president Greg Zeschuk - if only because Mass Effect looks really, really promising.

BioShock, Mass Effect and some of the other titles coming out this year show us how some of the games before weren't next-gen. It's not that we're so much better, but the bar is being set. Certainly Bioshock set a high bar, I think we'll set a pretty high bar, and it's going up and up.

We're liking this...

It's scary, because you discover how many groups can legitimately compete at that level. In the games business it's winner takes all, so if you can't compete... That's a bad position to be in.

Greg, Greg, Greg. Good games coming out isn't "scary". At least not from this particular couch cushion. BioWare's Greg Zeschuk [eurogamer]


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