Bizarre Acquisition Phase One In Activision Global Domination

activision_grand_prix.jpgThe buy out of Project Gotham Racing developer Bizarre Creations by Activision may just be the beginning of the second biggest third party publisher's plans to add to its collective. Activision Europe boss Joerg Trouvain says that the company isn't just interested in getting into the racing genre—some 10 percent of the market, they say—they're targeting growth... and more growth.

It just makes sense really. Everyone who's anyone has a dedicated racing game studio these days—Polyphony Digital, Turn 10, Sega Racing Studio, Evolution, Criterion—so Activision was just filling in holes. Don't be too surprised to see more and more currently independent studios brought into the corporate fold; not the other way around.

Activision: 'Bizarre buy is just the beginning' [Develop]


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