Blockbuster Renting GH Guitar

ghiii_box.jpgThis is certainly something new for my local Blockbuster Video store, though your results may vary. The Blockbuster my roommate works at is renting the Guitar Hero controller for the Xbox 360 starting today. The controller rents separately of the game itself at $US 7.99 before tax, so, for the total package, you'll have to shell out $16 of your hard-earned monies. I cannot remember another time in the history of major retail game rentals that they've had a separate rental—or rental at all, for that matter—of a gaming peripheral. It's a testament to the popularity of the Guitar Hero franchise, I suppose. Keep in mind that Blockbuster tends to have its head up its arse when it comes to ordering games at their non Game Rush stores, so call ahead before rushing out to have your heart broken.


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