Brawl Gets Mega Meta With Pictochat

smash_bros_pictochat.jpgNormally, we're not in the business of providing our thoughts on daily Super Smash Bros. Brawl news, for our opinions on, say, Ashley's Theme from WarioWare aren't that strong. However, when Sakurai and team do something as oddball as including a Pictochat themed stage, it simply can't wait until the weekly Dojo Dump rolls around. The arena's spartan appearance is made more magical by the random drawing of stage elements, like wind, platforms and thunderclouds. It even features Wii Channel tunes to really up the self-referentiality.

The only way they can up their meta game at this point is to include Shigeru Miyamoto's bicycle as a playable character. Beyond that, I can't see this game becoming any more packed with fan service.

PictoChat [Smash Bros. Dojo]


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