Before The Wii, Gamers Were Bored

wiipictoday.jpgWe don't know about you, but before the Nintendo Wii, we'd given up on video games altogether. We were bored—bored out of our minds—filling our days with the alternating events of drooling in our Play-Doh and hitting our head against the wall because only pain could make the pain stop. But then, as Perrin Kaplan explains, Nintendo realised the Wii could fix things:

A major insight that Nintendo had early on was that they saw that gamers were getting bored, even though they didn't know it yet...

Yeah, we just thought we loved Play-Doh. But who doesn't? Nintendo: 'Gamers Were Bored Before Wii' [nextgeneration]


    Yep, i was strugling to get through GTA without thinking about suicide and the depression the Dawn of War invoked was abyssmal. Good thing nintendo is here to tell me what i think!

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