British Government's New Gaming Violence Study

vicecity18.jpg Just a day after Manhunt 2 failed to recieve a British Board of Film Classification certification, a new British study concerning the effect of violent games on children is being launched. Headed by psychologist Tanya Byron, the study will be carried out at an east London school with the British government's Schools Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Secretary James Purnell. The Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers' Association (ELSPA) will also cooperate in the government's study. Says ELSPA's Paul Jackson:

[The gaming industry is]too often blamed for everything from obesity to youth violence... It is just not true, and it's not appropriate... We feel quite positively about this review. It's clear the review is about making sure parents are properly informed about what their youngsters are playing and what they are accessing on the internet... We are very responsible and keen to ensure that our products are only played by those who they are designed for.

Agree with that 100 percent. Though, with the average age of a British gamer being 28 and only 2 percent of games getting an 18 certificate, is the problem really what publishers are releasing? Or what society thinks they are releasing?

Games violence study is launched [BBC, Thanks Danbert!]


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