British Spies, Found in Videogames

Spy_vs_Spy.jpgBritish intelligence agencies—specifically the Government Communications Headquarters—will start recruiting Xbox 360 and PC players of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent through virtual billboards. So what is this organisation exactly in charge of? Spy stuff. Cool stuff. Surveillance stuff. According to an agency rep, they are looking for recruits who are:

computer-savvy, technologically able, quick thinking... We find increasingly we have to use less conventional means of attracting people ... to go beyond glossy brochures and milk-round stalls.

In short, they're looking to teabagging specialists. But before you get your hopes up, know that most of what they need are less with the knifey and more with the typey.

Why video gamers make the best spies [timesonline]Thanks Ad!


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