Brütal Legend's Brutally Early Bonus

brutal_legend_t.jpgDouble Fine Production's Brütal Legend doesn't have a nailed down release date, but we can expect it some time in 2008. For those willing to let Gamestop hold onto sixty of their American dollars until it's eventually released, they'll snag themselves a snazzy black T-shirt with the game's bloody logo on the front and protagonist splashed across the back. Unfortunately, a trio of Gamestop, Sierra and Double Fine suck some of the cool right out of it.

The shirt giveaway is limited to the first 666 folks who pre-order, so don't sleep. Keep in mind that if Brütal Legend logos are your bag, shirts already decorated with such a thing are available at the Double Fine Shop. Enjoy being clothed!

Brutal Legend with Bonus! [Gamestop - thanks, Jane!]


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